Afternoon tea for the 21 students who won school scholarships for 2011

CE Don Campbell and the 2011 Schools' Scholarship recipients.

In 2008 Whitireia started a scholarship programme to offer the first year’s fees to a small number of students from local schools. This is part of the “schools’ liaison and transition to tertiary study” commitment of the polytechnic. These awards have had a significant impact with a total of over 60 recipients since 2008.

 The first degree graduates, from the 2008 recipients of these awards are now coming through into the workforce. They were presented with their degrees at a large Whitireia ceremony at te Rauparaha Arena last week.

On Wednesday (30 March) the 2011 recipients gathered as a group for a welcome ‘cuppa.’ Chief Executive, Don Campbell spoke of the pride the schools have in their students’ success and the commitment Whitireia makes to their future.

Here are some photos from the gathering, which faculty and services staff attended.

Schools Scholarship Recipients for 2011.

Margaret Faulkner from the Whitireia Foundation.

Lots of winners are entering nursing degrees!

2011 Whitireia School Leaver Scholarship Recipients [All Year 1 students]

–          Nofoaga Faletolu                             Bachelor of Nursing Pacific

–          Akisa Fomai                                        Bachelor of Nursing Pacific

–          Samantha Eayrs                                Bachelor of Nursing

–          Fareesha Apimerika-Khan            Bachelor of Nursing

–          Rosalie King                                        Bachelor of Nursing

–          Charlotte Boyadjian                        Bachelor of Nursing

–          Maddie Tibble                                   Bachelor of Nursing

–          Phuong Nguyen                               Bachelor of Nursing

–          Megan Bastick                                   Bachelor of Health Science [Paramedic]

–          Chelina Roberts                                Diploma in Stage and Screen Arts

–          Ebony Sushames                              Diploma in Performing Arts [Commercial Dance]

–          Peneueta Lualua                              Bachelor of Applied Arts [Performing Arts]

–          Lee Pryor                                            Bachelor of Applied Arts [Music]

–          Anita McGowan                               Bachelor of Applied Arts [Visual Arts & Design]

–          Tamara Wetere                                NZ Diploma in Business

–          Kalisha Brown                                  NZ Diploma in Business

–          Dominique Whisker                        Bachelor of Teaching [Early Childhood Education]

–          Jared Lambert                                   Bachelor of Teaching [Early Childhood Education]

–          Jasmine Berkland                             Bachelor of Teaching [Early Childhood Education]

–          Matekino Matthews                        Bachelor of Nursing [Maori]

–          Tanvi Gandhi                                      Bachelor of Information Technology

–          Chris Gunther                                    Certificate in Automotive Engineering

by Tim Renner
May 2011

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